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The Next Evolution in Real-Estate Private Equity

We are industry veterans and experts in our respective fields, perfectly matched to execute Portara’s investment strategy.  Each senior team member brings +20 years of experience over multiple economic cycles representing +$30 billion in real estate transactions collectively.  Hospitality is in our DNA, having owned and operated almost 70 hotels representing thousands of rooms over  +40 years with multi-decade relationships with Marriott, Starwood (now part of Marriott) IHG and Hilton.  With over 90% of short-term rentals owned by single asset owners just beginning their foray into hospitality, we are one of the first professional investment and management teams bringing decades of premier hospitality expertise and best practices to this exciting and maturing segment of hospitality.

Our experience spans vertically across the diverse landscape of real estate with institutional acumen and rigor:

  • Ground up construction 

  • ​Property and asset management 

  • Investment fund structuring

  • Underwriting 

  • Acquisitions

  • Risk management

  • M&A advisory

  • Loan origination

  • RMBS/CMBS structuring and securitization

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Our team has a history of success...

We’ve witnessed and participated in the evolution of the investment landscape both in terms of consolidation and technical sophistication, and we’ve recognized for years now the misalignments of interests between managers and investors, and between lenders, servicers, and borrowers that have exacerbated as the industry evolved.  Changing dynamics lead to nuanced risks that are either not always readily visible or are largely ignored by investors but still certainly impact economics and risk.  In most cases these outlier or incremental risks are not appropriately priced into deal forecasts and risk analyses. One of our key missions is to bring an institutional grade investment offering to market that improves upon current practices and avoids industry pitfalls to the greatest extent possible with greater transparency, flexibility, and a closer relationship with our investors than ever before.  This led us to harness the advantages of distributed ledger technology and our proprietary blockchain investor portal and tokenization issuance platform to deliver a uniquely superior product, experience, and management tool along with our superior asset strategy.


James Vosotas

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Hasham Ullah

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