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Our Ecosystem

Luxury residential real estate is the number one investment choice for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals due to its stability and potential for appreciation per the 2023 Knight Frank wealth report with on average over 50% of UHNW individual investments going toward some form of real estate. Increasingly, residential real estate is also becoming a focus for institutional investors such as Blackrock and TPG. Our investment strategy takes luxury residential real estate, which sets an economic baseline of value and stability, and introduces an operational hospitality layer to increase yields without changing the fundamental protection of the physical asset. It’s all upside, meaning the downside is a long term lease which is the same as residential, and the upside is hotel-like returns but better because we’re effectively buying and financing at residential valuations with significantly less cost and operational risk than hospitality, which lead to higher profit margins. With a $250 trillion residential market and very limited institutional involvement (though increasing), well located luxury short term rentals are quite literally the largest, most scalable, most profitable opportunity in real estate today without needing to take excess financial risk or new development risk.

A vehicle such as our flagship fund is required to unlock the full investment potential of short term rentals while incorporating numerous battle tested portfolio management techniques and integrating highly sophisticated technology to improve the risk adjusted return, management capabilities, and entire investment experience. While wealthy individuals have known this for some time, as a first mover from an institutional perspective, we have an amazing opportunity to capitalize and provide an unparalleled investment vehicle focused on international luxury residential and the short term rental space.

Return Based Investors

Return Based Investors

There is far too much capital chasing the same real estate with the same business model, allowing for no true competitive edge and instead leading to cap rate compression, overleverage and increased financial risk with low going in yield hoping the market appreciates in order to make their desired return. Office and retail are in secular decline, multifamily and industrial are stable but overpriced.

A recent study by Revedy in an analysis of over $20 billion of short term rentals found that only 3-5% of the market was professionally optimized, and the study “regularly” found high cap rate opportunities with the ability to optimize by 30-40% within one year. In fact, the research found that 90% of properties are single asset owners and not professionally owned and operated. Further, the top revenue management tools such as Price Labs and Beyond estimate that only 10-35% of properties effectively use dynamic pricing and roughly 80% of listings are only on Airbnb ignoring the dozens of other high yielding channels such as and Homes & Villas by Marriott.


These sophisticated revenue management and multichannel distribution strategies have been deployed and honed for decades in the hospitality industry and utilizing skilled revenue management is the norm amongst professional hospitality owners & operators such as ourselves.

We have multiple strategies we employ to identify and acquire assets, one of which is detailed in the base study below looking at a rental arbitrage repositioning opportunity.

Lifestyle Investors

Lifestyle Investors

Own luxury homes across the world in places you love to visit

  • without the complexity and hassle of home ownership, operations and maintenance

  • without worrying about the legal and tax details

  • without taking on the cost burden alone

  • while diversifying your investment both geographically and averaging over time

  • while accessing the flexibility built into our platform

  • all while making an attractive income with numerous follow on platform yield opportunities and being able to use the properties any time they’re available to be rented without feeling stuck or obligated to use your properties.

Outdoor Relaxation

Other vacation investment funds lock you into the investment with no opportunity to exit, no income (in fact some groups charge an annual fee on top of your investment), forced use (if you don’t use the property, you don’t get anything in return) and still take on all the risk of investing or worse, you don’t own anything and are simply spending money. Also, closed end funds require a sale at the end of their legal life, which means the portfolio is always in flux. With us, the portfolio has the ability to continue to grow as our fund grows.

While some investment churn is possible, the best assets will never have to exit the portfolio and investors can leave at their election subject to their chosen lock up or even before through secondary trading. Vacation club investments typically also aren’t institutionally structured with a preferred return, which is customary in private equity and serves to help insulate investor’s return.

With us, your investment pays you, and you retain all the benefits of being an owner. Use the properties only when you want, and in the meantime you can grow your wealth not just by hoping the market appreciates, but through passive income generation.

Property Market Participants

Property Market Community

Buying a House

Luxury Vacation Homeowners

Diversify your risk by contributing your property to our fund.  Contribution in lieu of acquisition allows for attractive and creative structuring that can create a win-win for you and the fund, unlocking value for both while spreading your exposure.

Short-Term Property Managers

If any of your owners have an interest in selling or contributing a property that fits our criteria, there are opportunities to make additional income by facilitating the deal and in many cases we can engage you to continue managing the asset.

Real-Estate Professionals

Real estate brokerages and agents in target markets are local experts that can programmatically earn commissions for sourcing quality assets as we grow our portfolio.

Defi Community

Defi Community

Our flagship investment fund provides the economic and structural backbone to jumpstart our defi

protocol while benefiting fund investors with built to suit technology. We’re revolutionizing compliant

institutional grade investing with our composability engine. The core functionality includes a

collateralized debt framework similar to AAVE’s GHO or Maker’s DAI but with securities compliant

infrastructure whereby fund security token holders may collateralize their VILLA tokens and mint our

ERC-20 utility token KEY subject to a risk adjusted market interest rate.

KEY holders are not exclusively minted by collateralizing VILLA but can also be minted directly on platform or exchanged on DEXes. KEY holders can stake on platform to participate in the interest received or participate in liquidity pools on DEXes in exchange for receiving swap fees. Also, something more uncommon in defi, KEY may also be used to reserve vacation nights at properties owned by the fund at a discounted rate.

We have much more on our roadmap and our ecosystem will continue to grow with exciting novel opportunities to participate profitably. 

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