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Frequently Asked Questions

Do investors own actual real estate?

Yes, the fund will be directly acquiring luxury homes 

What type of properties and locations will you be targeting?

Our acquisition targets are data driven, and will be focused on larger (+3 bedroom) homes in high demand locations with a mix of coastal, mountain, and unique destinations.

Are you going to build homes as well?

No, we do not intend to build ground up.  We will be focused on existing assets that can cash flow quickly.  We may perform certain upgrades and smaller renovations/refurbishments as part of property repositioning, however, on a case by case basis.

What returns are you targeting?

We are underwriting to a +10% annual cash on cash with a +20% IRR, but we cannot guarantee returns and this number could be higher or lower.  Also, investor elections including lockout term, compounding, and defi interactions may produce higher or lower returns unique to each investor. 

Can I book a vacation any time? Do I get a discount?

Yes, anyone can book room nights at our properties directly on our booking website  Owners may use their distributions to book room nights with owner discounts and get even more value from their investment, and we may also introduce further discount packages and last minute deals over time.

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