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The Platform

Portara is an institutional grade digital end-to-end investment platform that bridges compliant securities framework with innovative blockchain security and automation to fundamentally enhance every facet of private equity investing and provide unique financial infrastructure with entirely novel yield and risk management capabilities.

Put simply, we offer a better investment experience, make it easier to get verifiable information when you need it, and provide tools that exist nowhere else to manage your investment return and risk exposures custom tailored to the nuances of our flagship real estate fund.


Our investor portal represents a paradigm shift in many of the cumbersome and antiquated practices in the real estate and alternative investment space, providing for better communication and a better relationship amongst fund management and investors.  Not only do we offer a better investment experience, we are able to reduce and/or eliminate many costs, timing delays, information restriction, manual and error prone processes that translate into a more secure, accurate and cost efficient structure with a high degree of scalability. 

Maybe most exciting, our innovative platform also introduces entirely new ways to interact, access liquidity, earn additional income, and properly manage risk.

  • Fully digital end-to-end interface

  • Streamlined onboarding, compliance, KYC/AML verification

  • Single source of truth for all investment information

  • Real time updates, investment management

  • Highly automated processes

  • Automated cap table and distribution management

  • Unparalleled investment personalization

  • Investor optionality and customized preferences

Platform Architecure

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 4.40.21 PM.png

The Inevitability of Tokenization

We strongly believe the future of finance is tokenized on public blockchains but within a regulatory compliant framework.  Research reports from top institutions including Citi and Bain estimate that somewhere between $4-30 trillion of real world assets will be tokenized in the coming decade.  The largest financial institutions and investment firms in the world including Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, JPMorgan, Apollo and many more are already tokenizing investments to the tune of billions of dollars, the London Stock Exchange is building a blockchain based exchange, and there is a growing consensus that all private investments will eventually be tokenized due to the massive benefits tokenization offers and/or will offer as new and exciting platforms such as Portara are developed to unlock that potential.  

With a +$300 trillion global investment landscape, there will be opportunities for numerous unique ecosystems to thrive and work together as a more connected global investment community.  Real estate and private equity are especially well suited for tokenization as they are historically opaque, illiquid and largely still run on manual processes. 


Nothing Like Us Exists Today...

Tokenization promises, amongst other things, the allure of enhanced liquidity for traditionally illiquid investments.  Entrenched financial institutions adopting blockchain technology are predominantly focused on creating security exchanges and are yet to leverage and incorporate major innovations that came about over the past few years in decentralized finance.  Other tokenization issuance platforms are emerging, but the more generalized the platform the more watered down the functionality, and use cases for security tokens are still sparse.

Portara is a highly customized ecosystem that creates solutions for very nuanced and specific issues felt by the private investment industry and directly impactful to our real estate fund.  Driving innovation with in-house development means focusing resources only on advancements relevant to us and our investors with maximum ROI and functionality throughput.  No middlemen or third party platform risk.

We have built bespoke components that cater to the exact demands of our flagship fund including:

  • An automated cap table management system capable of tracking and distributing based on a personalized preferred return hurdles and series of individual investor preferences in an open-ended format

  • Items such as airdropped coupons to book our properties directly based on predetermined criteria

Tokenization is merely the first step to building robust new financial infrastructure

Integrating decades of knowledge in finance and real estate with an innovative decentralized tokenomic network through trustless and automated smart contracts, our platform unlocks new uses and value for security token holders.



Phase I

  • Solidify legal and jurisdictional structure

    • Finalize investment and corporation documents

    • Select third party service providers

  • Build security and distribution token contracts 

    • Develop tokenization issuance engine

      • Build securities compliant investor portal and cap table management infrastructure

      • Build unique individualized automated distribution waterfall mechanics

      • Complete onramp/offramp and KYC/AML integrations

      • Launch website and tokenization platform

      • Kick off founder’s round real estate equity investment​

Phase II

    • Complete investor P2P token trading functionality

      • Build and launch mobile app

      • Upgrade security token on chain​

    • Build platform utility token

    •  Develop & launch defi composability platform

    •  Develop initial defi integrations and revenue opportunities

    • ​Develop AI trading hedging engine​

    • Unveil initial trading algorithms

    • Real estate integrations token utilization

    •  Develop & launch web3 integrated booking engine for villas

    • Build fractional ownership functionality

    • Unveil reward/membership tokens​

    • Onboard additional token purchase options

Phase III

    • Develop on-chain structured finance platform

    • ​Launch fully integrated finance and equity infrastructure

    • Grow curated family of equity and debt offerings

    • Bring on additional defi yield strategy agorthims

    • Build digital native capital market investment banking services division

    • Transition defli platform to DAO

    • Develop governance token

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